For design-loving New Yorkers, New York Design Week is like Christmas in May – lots of fun parties, lots of inspiring and amazing new products on display everywhere. This year promises to be even better than the last with a plethora of must-see side events in Brooklyn and downtown, to add a little spice to the behemoth ICFF show at the Javitz Center. The event we are anticipating the most is HauteGREEN – a show of sustainable contemporary design in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, from May 20-22.

HauteGREEN promises to be a great chance to show off how sexy sustainable design can be, and the curators of the event are currently accepting submissions. So if you are pushing the boundaries of environmentally friendly home design, or just have some great ideas, now is a perfect time to show them to the world.

A submission form and sustainability criteria are available on the website at Submission packages must be sent via email to [email protected] by April 7, 2006. Thats THIS FRIDAY guys, so if you are interested – now is the time to get on it.

The show is curated by: Aric Chen, Graham Hill (Founder of Treehugger), and Kimberly Oliver.

Organized by:
Bart Bettencourt, Bettencourt Green Building Supplies/Scrapile
Kimberly Oliver, AmericanSuccessMachinery
Rebecca Silver, o2NYC