This weekend HauteGREEN opened with a flourish. The space looked beautiful, full of innovative and thoughtful explorations of sustainable design for the home, including a brand new piece from Scrapile, and an art installation of recycled water bottles from Tobias Wong and Josée Lepage. Here are my photos from the show and party. For photos of ALL the work check out our flickr feed at:


For photos of the opening party click here>

Daniel Michalik’s fabulous cork chaise lounge

Materious Bone Lampsand LOOP Pillows

New Scrapile table

Tobias Wong & Josée Lepage Waterrr Installation

Materious Bone Lamp

Mod Green Pod Textiles

Plywood Office Table

Jerry Kott Glassware

Brave Space Nesting Tables and Mio Culture Shroom Lamps

Loop.PH Biowall

Perch! PlantOrb

Bambu Tableware

Jonathan Baker Dustpan

Plywood Office sidetable, Adam Weisgerber Rub, and Gayla Rosenfeld Modular pillow

BraveSpace’s Bamboo stagger shelves, Longoloand blanker + MioCulture’s Shroom Lamps

Emily Pilloton’s Human Nest with Elliot & Morin’s Swarf Lamp and Redstr/collectives’ recyled fashion piece BBDRRR

Todd Laby/Rhubarb Decor Slant Table

Scrapile Table closeup

HauteGREEN Exhibition with new Scrapile piece

Kakee from 02 and the ObjectInteriors crew

Designers Josée Lepage, Tobias Wong and crew

Kimberly & Mathias

The HauteGREEN party was overflowing onto the street

For more photos of ALL the work and more party pics, check out our flickr feed at: