We’ve long expounded on the beauty of LED lights: they are extremely energy efficient, don’t get hot, and tend to come in cute little portable packages, since they take so little power to light up. Now, clever design company Tayo has come along with the Havaleena LED torch – a glowing LED stick which resembles a gigantic pen with a glowing cap. The simple cylindrical shape of the Havaleena Torch makes it both portable and flexible in its uses and display.

Havaleen cordless LED light, Tayo Design Studio, LED touch, LED wand

Tayo has designed these things to be bundled as a “bouquet” in a vase – making a lovely table centerpiece in lieu of candles when dining al fresco. Each torch can also be carried around separately like a flashlight, or screwed into a longer aluminum base to create a floorlamp. Each light comes with 4 different color filters that can be easily changed to match the occasion or the decor, and the filters can even be printed on if you want to customize your little Havaleena. Although we can’t quite get over the glow-stick memories that these conjure up, we still think they are pretty cute.

$59 from Lampcraft

Via Mocoloco