Hearth & Market is a wood fired food truck & mobile farmers market that connects people to organic farms and healthy living. The main goal is to educate people about current food issues to create a dialogue towards better health and happiness, as well as make it easy to access the best organic food possible. Offering nutrient rich, certified organic produce, Hearth & Market will visit cities across the country to share ‘made to order’ wood fired food prepared in the mobile kitchen and hand crafted food and products to take home and use in home kitchens, along with supplies, education and workshops to help teach people how to ‘do it yourself’ available online store. You can support this new endeavor on Kickstarter now and get some of their products as an early backer. Help Hearth & Market reinvent ‘farm to table’ into ‘farm to food truck’ with new meaning and mobility, as well as an authenticity and quality only experienced in the fusion of city and country.

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