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Many of Heath Ceramics’ products, including their iconic stonewareteapot, were designed in the 1940s and continue to be produced today under the same design methods and manufacturing processes. Mining from a local clay bed in Ione, California, outside of Sacramento, potters work with local materials as they did over sixty years ago. Still, every season a new collection of glazes, forms and styles is developed in harmony with their existing wares while maintaining a superior quality of craftsmanship. Their talented team of designers and craftsmen, like Winifred Crittenden who has been developing the company’s brilliant glazes since 1948, work closely with materials while constantly keeping the user in mind.

Not only are the products refined and long-lasting, but their design practices promote a work environment that supports job creativity, quality of life, positive collaboration and pride in their production. The team maintains that their prices are fair and honest—reflecting the true cost of quality materials combined with fair compensation for their employees. Just like the fair trade market, the middleman is removed; so, when you buy from Heath Ceramics, you are purchasing directly from the hands that molded the item you purchase. The success of Heath Ceramics was achieved through creative ambition and responsible American manufacturing. The Summer Seasonal Collectionis available now through October 1, 2012 and we anxiously await their next vibrant collection!

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