Heavy Trash is at it again. The anonymous crew of Los Angeles-based interventionist artists, architects and urban planners just made a biting public criticism of LA’s waste and waste management problems in the form of a conceptual service company called Forever Landfill. The “company” provides individual plots of landfill for Angelinos to fill to their hearts content, delivering a satirically sharp critique on issues of personal waste production and a consumer-based society.

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With Los Angeles’ consumptive culture showing no sign of slowing, the city’s current landfill supply falls short of demand. Forever Landfill provides an essential service to meet the lifestyle needs of L.A.’s luxury community by giving residents the opportunity to purchase their own personal landfill plot, complete with discrete daily pick-ups, signature refuse bins, and platinum customer care. Rather than asking Angelenos to make personal sacrifices, or requiring commercial producers to take responsibility for the waste they create, Forever Landfill allows residents to send their toxic e-waste, unsightly plastics, and excess packaging to a remote location where all trash can rest in peace.

Heavy Trash designed an extensive corporate website for Forever Landfill, complete with sample patterns for landfill bins (like the Burberry one pictured above), images of their ads on public benches, and a lengthy FAQ. The corporate copy is relentlessly sardonic and never breaks character. They point to a recent initiative proposed by a city councilman called RENEW L.A., which plans to improve waste management and drastically reduce trash over a twenty year period — a noble proposal except that it’s a time period at the end of which LA’s landfills will have long since reached capacity.

Most of the images on the Forever Landfill site appear to be computer generated, but given the lengths they’ve gone to in the past, it wouldn’t be beyond them to actually place a collection bin in front of a Brentwood or Beverly Hills estate. Maybe with the Burberry coat it’ll blend right in.

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