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Hedge Straw Gallery, Rael San Fratello Architects, straw bale, straw bale pavilion, temporary pavilion, san francisco

This temporary gallery was on display from September 15th through the 18th and served as HEDGE Gallery’s booth and exhibit space. The straw and steel room gave focus and definition to the works on display and set them apart in a quiet and aromatic space. The wheat straw bales, an agricultural by-product used for bedding, roughage and fuel, were carefully stacked to create a square room. Custom blackened steel dividers were strategically placed to create niches, shelves and windows to display sculptures.

The straw bales were stacked mostly two bales thick to block noise from the surrounding gallery. Inside, furniture and views were coordinated to place a strong focus on the works displayed rather than busy and noisy peripheral activities. An organic and earthy smell permeated the space providing a distinct reminder of the material’s agricultural beginnings. After the show, the straw bales were returned to the feed store where they were bought and the steel dividers will be recycled and used to construct furniture and shelving in San Francisco.

Images ©Matthew Millman