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The newly renovated natural cosmetic store on Herold Street in Paris is a long 100 square meter space, elongated even further by F R E A K S freearchitects’ swift interventions. The first and last rooms are linked by a simple rectangular timber tunnel that holds display cases and storage space, while a cutout on the side makes room for a salvaged antique table.

Heliocosm’s main service is offered in the front room on a long table, where guests are encouraged to mix their own cosmetics with the help of trained tutors. The back room, on the other side of the timber tunnel, offers up a single couch, a dressing table and a large alpine print that aggrandizes a small space. All of the walls are painted in cool-mint, which gives off an almost icy sensation that is also deeply invigorating.

+ F R E A K S freearchitects

Via CubeME

Photos copyright © David Foessel