Kim Gu-Han’s Helios concept car is unusual to say the least. Resembling some sort of frill necked lizard, the electric off-road vehicle has the unique ability to spread its solar panel wings to soak up the sun’s energy. While in motion, the Helios is a sleek electric vehicle that is powered by solar energy, and when at rest it deploys a rather cool-looking fan that can absorb and store energy to power your house. Now that’s what we call inspired by nature!

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We’ve seen some interesting concept vehicles here at Inhabitat, but we have never fathomed one modeled after a lizard. The Helios was inspired by reptiles that spread out their skin to control their temperature. The vehicle’s expandable solar fan allows it to absorb solar energy over a large surface area while at rest. The innovative concept vehicle was recently honored with the Best Use of Technology award in the 2008 Interior Motives Design Awards.

+ Interior Motives Design Awards

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