Most cabins are designed to let people enjoy a bit of quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, for those social butterflies who believe that getting back to nature doesn’t have to mean sacrificing time with friends, Hello Wood has created the beautiful Grand Cabin.

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dark triangular cabin with red box to one side

Located near Csóromfölde, Hungary, the cabin’s looming A-frame volume was built from panels of prefab wood. Although the pitched-roof shape was inspired by traditional Czech-style mountain lodges, the cabin has an undoubtedly modern aesthetic thanks to the two blue and red capsules that flank the cabin’s jet-black exterior.

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wood-lined interior of A-frame cabin

wood cabin with round window, red rug and minimal furniture

The entrance to the cabin is through a cathedral-like entrance created out of multiple glass panels, which flood the interior with natural light. At first sight, the interior living space looks like any typical cabin of a similar build, but this cozy, 324-square-foot retreat actually sleeps up to eight people comfortably, far more than similar cabins of this size.

built-in sleeping loft inside tiny cabin

wood-lined living space with red decor

The minimalist interior is comprised of one open central area, which is arranged to be the social, shared space. However, on either side of this main room, there are a number of room dividers that can be used to create additional sleeping quarters. Additionally, the two colorful boxes seen from the exterior are actually two large bedrooms with built-in bed platforms.

all-wood interior space with sparse furnishings

group of musicians jamming outside a triangular cabin

According to the Hello Wood team, the Grand Cabin was designed to not only provide a serene space for people looking to reconnect with nature from the comfort of a beautiful tiny cabin but also to provide a way that they can do just that while being surrounded by friends and family. The studio said, “Our concept is about a small cabin that contains a fully equipped community space inside by expanding the A-frame with sleeping capsules — fitting 8+ people. It’s a house for you and all your friends.”

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Photography by Tamás Bujnovszky via Hello Wood