Following a ground-rocking 7.9 earthquake that hit central Peru last Wednesday evening destroying nearby towns and killing hundreds, Architecture For Humanity has launched a Peru Earthquake Reconstruction Appeal to raise funds for upcoming reconstruction efforts. While actual design and construction aid may not begin for a few months, AFH needs your donations today to help provide funds for long term rebuilding.


Architecture For Humanity has an amazing track record of global aid through design and architecture. In the last 24 months they have responded to Hurricane Emily, with temporary shelters in Grenada, after the South Asia Tsunami, with a series of housing, transitional school and community building solutions in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and after the Kashmir Earthquake, where we supplied architectural and engineering support.

Since October 2005 they have worked on transitional structures in Bay St. Louis and Waveland, MS, helped to build sustainable homes in East Biloxi, MS and supported the inception of community design centers in Biloxi, MS and New Orleans, LA.

To help provide sustainable building solutions to communities affected by the earthquake in Peru please make monetary donations by mail or online. Regional offers of architectural and engineering support are also accepted.”

+ Architecture For Humanity