As car companies around the world scramble to energize the transportation market, Audi is taking to the streets to crowdsource designs for their next generation of cars. They’ve launched a public competition to design Audi’s future production line of electric cars. Entries are due by July 31st and eight finalists will be invited to present their ideas to the company. A winner will be announced in November and although there is no specific prize noted, a trip to Germany is in the cards and the company has hinted at possible employment at Audi for the finalists.

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The competition is called, “The Production of Electric Automobiles” and the winner will be honored with this year’s Audi Production Award. A panel of judges will decide on the winner and entrants are asked to provide forward-thinking concepts that go above and beyond what is currently considered state of the art in transportation. Audi recognizes that electric automobiles are the future and they are hoping to use this competition to keep their company’s production on the cutting edge of innovation.

The Audi competition is geared toward students and scientists who can work either alone or in a team. They must submit a concept portfolio in which they explain the current situation, the proposed solution and a path to that solution,” Audi notes on the competition website. The competition is unique in that it’s not just asking for the design of the car but entrants are expected to consider the production of the vehicle as well. Audi seems to be looking for a new method of production that they can use to not just alter their current design, but really create a new automobile for the new age of energy.

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