If you never got to play in a treehouse as a kid, here’s your chance to frolic in one that’s being planned for New York City this summer! Called “A Sustainable TreeHouse,” the arboreal art exhibit is slated for Governors Island and will be built entirely from reclaimed materials from the streets of Brooklyn and from Build It Green! NYC, one of our favorite salvaged materials outlets. Interactive activities and games such as an FSC See-Saw, a cell phone charging station, a Scratch N’ Sniff stand, and a grey-water peddling fountain will teach visitors about sustainable energy sources while letting them have some outdoor fun at the same time. Sounds cool, right? Well the project, which is being put together by designer Benjamin Jones, needs your help on Kickstarter in order to become a reality.

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At the FSC: See-Saw, adults and kids can ride on see-saws made of reclaimed tires and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified lumber. Then visitors can head over to the Scratch N’ Sniff stand to learn about low volatility organic compounds by smelling them and guessing what they are. If your phone is low on battery, you can even juice it up at a solar powered charging station.

There are also two exhibits that are part of the treehouse but planned for different areas of Governors Island. The first is called “Sound of the Wind” and features a windmill-powered record player that can be swapped out with old records that were found on the street. The second is a grey water fountainwhere rain water has been collected in a kiddie pool that’s been hooked up to two bikes that can be pedaled to make the fountain work.


This art exhibit calls attention to the fact that we don’t need to purchase brand new materials to create art – there are tons of (oftentimes free) recycled materials to choose from. It will also educate visitors about sustainable sources of energy.

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