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A good pen isn’t just a sign of prestige — it’s a form of expression. When you hold a solid, well weighted pen in your hand, you feel more inclined to write or draw something more meaningful than you would if you were holding, say, the plastic pen you found on the bedside table at a motel. And here at Inhabitat, we always value high-quality products that are made to be reused, cherished, and kept for a very long time, instead of the myriad throwaway products that pervade our culture and our landfills.

Morgan Combes is the creative force behind the Visionnaire, and the idea came to him when he was at the hospital the day his son was born. “I looked at the birth certificate and looked at the pen in my hand. ‘Johnny’s Bait and Tackle’ was written on the edge of the cheaply made pen,” Combes explains. “It was an odd feeling signing a document of such significant sentimental value with a pen that advertised bait and tackle gear.”

Combes then made it his mission to create a pen that would match the significance of the important moments in our lives. To design the Visionnaire, Combes tapped Vincent Ng from Theory Mob, who helped him design a pen that is both minimalist and timeless. The pen is made mostly of copper, and it comes in two different styles — Chrome and Noire. And the Visionnaire team promises that unlike other fountain pens, their pen won’t leak.

In June, Visionnaire launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, and it quickly surpassed its goal, and it has become something of an internet sensation. Now, with two weeks left in the funding period, Combes has raised more than $285,000 — almost 20 times the original goal of $15,000. There’s still time left to take part in the Kickstarter campaign, though, and there’s an obvious incentive to do so: Those who donate $45 or more will receive a pen at wholesale pricing ($45). After that, they will retail for $80.

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