A few days ago we announced the release of Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century, the new book from the Worldchanging crew (of which I am the Managing Editor and Jill F. is a contributing writer). Since then the book’s gotten great reviews in the New York Review of Books and BusinessWeek.

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday November 1, we’re trying to mobilize a grassroots effort to get this thing to #1 on Amazon by asking everyone who is intending to buy a copy (and those who didn’t know they were intending!) to do so at 11:11am Pacific time.

Like movies, the success of books is largely determined by the response they get during their first week out. We think this is an important book with the potential to change the global conversation about sustainability, and we hope you’ll join in helping to make it a success.

Hit this link tomorrow morning and let’s prove to the world that the sustainability movement is growing and has the power to make big things happen. (Also, it’s still almost 35% off on Amazon right now, so it’s a steal!).

Thanks, Inhabitat readers.