The Goat Games are upon us again, this year running from August 12 to August 15. No, unfortunately you won’t see a goat in a singlet pumping iron — adorable as that would be. Instead, human athletes hike, bike, swim, walk or participate in other activities to raise money for rescued farm animals.

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People of all ages and abilities and in all places are welcome to participate in this virtual event. Funds raised in the 2022 Goat Games will benefit 14 animal sanctuaries in New York, Florida, California, Minnesota, Washington, Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina, New Jersey and Oregon.

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This is the third annual Goat Games. Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) founded the event in 2020, a year of COVID-inspired financial crisis for many sanctuaries. Plus, the Olympics had been canceled, so it was time for a little DIY athleticism. CAS dubbed one week in August 2020 the Goat Games and raised more than $42,000 from family, friends and friends of friends.

As a result, the Goat Games grew in 2021. CAS co-hosted the event with Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Nine other farm animal sanctuaries around the country joined in. Each sanctuary formed its own team composed of their athletic fundraisers. A rescued animal captained each team. Most teams chose activities like kayaking or hiking. But some went rogue, choosing litter pickup or Netflix marathons. The 2021 Goat Games raised more than  $217,000 for the participating sanctuaries.

Since the games benefit a variety of rescued farm animals, why do the goats get all the glory?

“Goats represent areas of the competition because goats are highly energetic animals that are full of life,” according to the 2022 Goat Games press release. “They see life as an adventure and spend their days climbing, jumping and exploring.”

If you feel inspired to jump, climb and explore in order to improve the lives of goats and their rescued friends, consider forming a team or making a donation.

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