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Gas&Air Studios was launched in 2010 when two British design students started messing around with a pile of broken shipping pallets. After many design iterations the duo came up with a simple and efficient design for a folding chair. Afterwards they translated the idea into a table, both of which can lay flat, making them easy to store. The duo collect unwanted shipping pallets from around their South London homes, taking them apart nail-by-nail, and reworking the wood into the new design. All of the nails are kept and recycled and the wood not used to create a table or chair is then used to create the X-Chair. They use or recycle every bit of the the shipping pallets and never use new pallets or ones that can be used again.

In the last year, Gas&Air Studios has produced tables and chairs for a number of clients in and around London, including making a set of chairs and table for the new Google offices in Victoria, London. They’re ready to expand and go full-time, but need a little support to rent a workshop. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new home for their studio, new tools and to improve their website for online sales. Backers of the project (depending on the level of support) can get their own pallet chairs, tables or even the X-chair in any color of the rainbow.

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