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Hyper-local sustainable architecture is the best environmentally appropriate building—sensitive to its location, culture, energy, water and materials use as well as its occupants. Rather than put great cutting-edge building projects in isolation the book will look both inward at how they work and came to be, and outward at how environmentally astute architecture is informed by—and can redefine—the society it is placed in.

[ours] focuses on three such places and the very different, but powerful ways that each one is vividly solving sustainable goals with contemporary design. [Japan Condenses] rethinks urbanism and space, [Spain Wraps] explores how beautiful envelopes improve performance, and [Australia Unfolds] tells how bold architecture transforms the built environment and makes the best use of natural resources. Many other regions will be explored as well.

The project needs some finacial resources though to support researchers, procure equipment, and most importantly get to these places to interview the architects and see firsthand what hyper-localization could look like as this century progresses. Take a look at the Kickstater campaign to get a peek at some of these places and check out the rewards—from the digital chapter [Japan Condenses] to a signed copy of the finished book, a copy of eVolo’s latest magazine issue Re-Imagining the Contemporary Museum, and exclusive transcripts of interviews with great architects. They even made custom zenblocks for you to discover your inner parametric architect.

All the funds go to research so help get this ground breaking project off to a great start and get some nice stuff for your help. Kickstarter is all or nothing so every little bit helps.

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