Finland’s capital and largest city Helsinki has put forth a bold plan to integrate public and shared transportation so that in 10 years residents will not need to own a car. The “mobility on demand” system will provide citizens with a “route planner” smartphone app that allows for one-click purchasing that combines all transit options. The cheap and flexible city-wide travel options include public transportation, carpool, bus, taxi, train, ferries, bike sharing and more.

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The aim is for the integrated transit system to become cost-competitive with private vehicle ownership and also be more convenient and easy to use than commuting by car. As The Guardian puts it: “Imagine the popular transit planner Citymapper fused to a cycle hire service and a taxi app such as Hailo or Uber, with only one payment required, and the whole thing run as a public utility, and you begin to understand the scale of ambition here.”

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The City of Helsinki will test out the model soon with employers in the Vallila neighborhood. Last year the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority rolled out a bus service called Kutsuplus that allows riders to choose their own route and pay for it ahead of time via a smartphone app.

“A car is no longer a status symbol for young people,” said transportation engineer Sonja Heikkilä, adding that “this could work, even though older people do not wish to give up their cars. Change comes gradually.”

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