Henning Larsen Architects has released its plans for a new mosque and Islamic community centre in Dortheavej—an area in northern Copenhagen, Denmark. Commissioned by The Islamic Society of Denmark, the building will be oriented towards Mecca, and will be comprised of a series of interlocking domes that will stand 2, 890 square meters in size upon completion. Larsen’s team is melding Nordic and Islamic architectural traditions in the mosque’s design; a first for the Scandinavian country.

Henning Larsen Mosque Community Space

Bright white and glowing, the building’s facade will have geometric openings inspired by traditional Islamic art and ornamentation. These openings will increase in number at street level to create more of a transparent lattice-like effect, which the architects explain will be “…a welcoming gesture of openness to the community around it.” To emphasize this welcoming nature, the entrance will feature an outdoor seating area for visitors and passersby, creating an open invitation to all.

Supported by a series of white columns, the domes will be of varying heights, and will create an inspiring “ceiling-scape” inside the building; a single space that encompasses both the mosque and the community center. A prayer hall will be situated in the centre of the building, set beneath the highest vaulted ceiling.

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Henning Larsen Mosque Pool

A large, circular pool of water will be lit from above by a lightwell. As the pool will be surrounded by a glass wall, neighboring spaces will receive reflected light from it, as well as from smaller skylights set in the ceilings above. This will allow natural light to pour into the building throughout the day. In contrast, the most intimate room – the interior prayer room – is sectioned off as a sacred space, and will be lit indirectly from the spaces that flank it. Classrooms and offices will be included in the community center part of the mosque, along with a bookshop, library, and cafe.

Construction on the mosque is set to begin in 2017, and should be completed in 2019. It will be built opposite the Rentemestervej Library, which was completed in 2011, and will be another step towards the area’s rejuvenation and modernization.

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