Designer Henry Baumann has created an incredible series of sculptural lamps and chairs by recycling big wooden cable drums often found on building sites. He discovered that these drums were simply too big and heavy for one person to handle, so he experimented with cutting them in order to make them manageable. By approaching the big wooden round plates with a single spiral cut, he was able to make an interesting transformation yet still respect the integrity of the original object. The only element added to the original material to hold it altogether was a little bit of glue.

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Baumann approached this project with the same vision that has guided much of his previous work: giving new life to the materials that others have discarded and transforming unwanted leftovers into something interesting – without creating any additional waste. Modular systems, which are readily available in large quantities, lend themselves quite naturally to this creative process. The systems can easily be taken apart and the single components can be transformed into something completely new.

+ Henry Baumann