Designed for urban homes that are short on gardening space, the Herb² is a transformable partition wall that can can bring succulents to any room in a modern and stylish way. Exhibited at the FABRIKAAT exhibition during this year’s Milan Design Week, this beautiful piece was designed by Mariann Hildal and Milda Liubinskaite as a part of the Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design program at Rotterdam’s Piet Zwart Institute.

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The thing that differentiates the Herb2 from other green partition walls is its interesting folding pattern that also opens up. A manual pull-up mechanism creates separate environments, both visually and functionally. When Herb² is closed, it serves as a herb terrarium with a small eco-climate that boasts temperature control and a LED lighting system. Herb² simply needs to be pulled open to control natural light exposure, to ventilate the plants, or to pick the herbs. The terrarium is also designed to recycle excess humidity into moisture for the soil.

Built with an interesting mix of materials, Herb² is made with a pine wood base, and a plexiglas cover  — both of which are partially recyclable. An LED light is fixed to the bottom of each cube for low-energy ambient lighting, and the herbs are grown in nylon bags that can be removed and relocated after the plants reach full size.


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