Rather than building a brand new office, Spanish communication satellite company Hispasat chose to renovate their existing headquarters with a stunning perforated facade that actually improves the performance of the existing building. The original circular office building was constructed in the 1970s, and over the last few decades the structure fell out of date while also suffering from excess solar heat gain and glare. To solve the ongoing problems, Herreros Arquitectos proposed adding a new exterior skin that would control solar radiation and illumination while giving the building a space-age aesthetic.

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The Spanish satellite company needed a major facelift as part of its rebranding efforts, but it wanted to retain the use of its existing operational areas, district offices and institutional zones. This building was designed back in the 70s, and it suffered from heat gain and illumination problems. To solve the issues, the office was wrapped with a beautiful perforated skin made from 5mm sheet aluminum. The pattern of the diamond-shaped cutouts varies in density according to the building’s lighting and climate control needs.

The shade screen infuses the interior with lots of light without causing overheating, and it also has the added benefit of quieting the interior spaces. The space-age metallic shell reflects its surroundings and reacts to the atmospheric conditions. Sunrise, sunset and clouds have an especially pronounced effect on the facade.

At night, interior lighting shines out through the perforations making the building glow like a candle. The facade had three objectives – providing a new image for the company, controlling solar radiation, and offering added value in terms of security and maintenance.

Via Plataforma Arquitectura