It seems that Hertz are doing everything they can to establish themselves as America’s greenest car rental company. Not only were they the first to start an EV rental program, but now they have contracted Martifer Solar USA to engineer and install 2.48 MW of solar photovoltaics at 15 of their rental locations across the U.S.

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In a statement, Hertz said that Martifer would construct rooftop solar arrays at Hertz facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The 2.48 MW system will supply enough energy to power approximately 300 homes per year and will offset the CO2 emissions of 271,009 gallons of consumed gasoline annually. In addition to the environmental benefits, the 15-site installation will save Hertz thousands of dollars in electricity costs.

Raffi Agopian, CEO of LA-based Martifer Solar said, “Hertz is distinguishing themselves as a true green business leader by implementing a solar system of this size. I commend their commitment to sustainable business practices and their environmentally-aligned company initiatives.”

The 15-site solar project is rumored to be the first of many solar initiatives of the part of Hertz with Martifer Solar’s VP of Operations Wade Webb saying, “We are looking forward to assisting Hertz throughout their transition to renewable energy. As a solar representative and environmental champion, it is a pleasure to work with such a reputable, worldwide company.”

First electric cars and now solar power, for a company that literally ran on fossil fuels, it is good to see Hertz making some changes.

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