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Naturbad Riehen, Herzog de Meuron, natural swimming pool, swimming pool, riehen, switzerland

Construction on Naturbad Riehen just began, and the project is set to be completed sometime in early 2014 in time for the summer season. Herzog & de Meuron originally designed a pool for the town in 1979, but the idea was shelved in 1982 – it wasn’t until 2007 that the town decided to revisit the concept. This time around they wanted something natural and sustainable that wouldn’t rely on chemicals like chlorine. New technologies and understanding of natural water filtration methods allowed the design team to create a better version of the swimming pool.

Naturbad Riehen will include a lap pool, a diving area, a recreational swimming area, and a kids’ pool. The surrounding park-like area will provide places for families to play and have picnics. A bathroom and changing facilities are also located on site. The pool utilizes a series of filters to process and clean the water. First, particles, grease and hair are strained out. Then the water goes across the street to the regeneration area, where plants like water lilies and irises work with aquatic sediment to filter and absorb bacteria and other compounds. The system produces clean water that is pumped back into the pools. The pool and its regeneration system will allow for 2,000 people to enjoy the natural swimming pool on any given day.

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Images ©Herzog & de Meuron and Naturbad Reihen