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They’ve solved all of these problems with their adaptable, floating offshore wind and wave generation platform. The renewable energy plant of the future. The platform is designed to deal with extreme conditions by redirecting waves through a special design in it’s hull that uses the water’s force to keep the platform stable. It can be equipped with up to seven windmillsand seven underwater wave generators. They’ve constructed the windmill attachments to be easily switched out for newer technology as it becomes available. The cost of the platform is the same as other off-shore wind farms but it decreases maintenance costs in the future by keeping the entire structure above water. The designers say the platform will be functional for up to 60 years.

Conventional wind farms need to be anchored deep in the bedrock under the ocean. The cost of building the windmills increases as the depth of the ocean increases and the installation process negatively impacts marine life around it. There are also concerns that drilling into the ocean’s shelf could cause underwater soil erosion. Hexicon has solved all of these problems by creating a stable, cost effective solution.

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