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Urban design, Sustainable Materials, social design, Recycling / Compost, green Interiors, biomimicry, Art, Architecture, Bucharest design, romania design, parametric design, honeycomb cardboard, recyclable cardboard, biodegradable materials, igloo shape

The HEXigloo cardboard pavilion features an organic repetitive pattern that mimics the cellular structure of honeycombs. The recyclable honeycomb cells are attached to each other using standard plastic fasteners, and the entire structure was assembled over the course of seven days and nights of continuous work.

It was built using a methodical process – the first step was to map a hexagonal grid onto a pre-modeled surface. The mapped hexagons were then extruded vertically to make a binding surface. Finally, the entire structure was reinforced to make it more rigid, stable and long-lasting.

Urban design,Sustainable Materials,social design,Recycling / Compost,green Interiors,biomimicry,Art,Architecture,Bucharest design,romania design,parametric design,honeycomb cardboard,recyclable cardboard,biodegradable materials,igloo shape

The interior of the HEXigloo provides a welcoming, bright atmosphere, for young and not-so-young Bucharest residents to enjoy. The pavilion’s multiple hexagonal windows provide plenty of daylight and resemble cardboard stalactites. The cardboard used for the ephemeral igloo is 6 mm thick, and it took approximately 2200 laser-cut linear meters and two teams of participants to assemble and erect the 3D structure within a span of 80 hours.

Check out the video below to find out exactly how HEXigloo was made!

+ Tudor Cosmatu

+ Irina Bogdan

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

Images © Bence Pap

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