Today’s architecture is no longer about creating the best space just for humans, though of course that has to be a factor. It’s also about preserving and living in harmony with the natural world. But being harmonious with nature presents a unique set of challenges. The Hidden Garden House by RAD+ar (Research Artistic Design + Architecture) is a showcase of creative and innovative solutions for just such a challenge.

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An aerial view of a home facing a forest

The Hidden Garden House is in Menteng, Indonesia. It’s really a series of buildings that are connected by a single large roof, which is designed with multiple skylights. The roof is divided into different areas and empty spaces, creating a diagonal loop that gives this design a truly unique style. The roof provides a 360-degree view of Jakarta.

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Four people standing beside an outdoor pool that borders the home

To welcome nature into the house, the ground floor is open and transparent. There are no dividing walls, just open spaces that connect the entire house and connect to the natural world outside. The swimming pool reflects more light into the interior. Moreover, multilevel stacking gardens add more natural beauty to the design. The design truly honors the tropical environment and serves as a green oasis, with views of the city all around.

The rooftop of a home with gardens above

However, this building is about more than beauty, even the beauty of nature. It also harnesses the power of nature. The high-efficiency HVAC system minimizes energy consumption. Solar panels on the roof provide energy and smart house features are integrated throughout. The design also includes a library, study, dry pantry, the kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms, extra bedrooms in the basement, a home theater and storage and laundry areas, along with the main bedroom suite.

An above garden home with plants and trees growing above the home

With all the greenery around it and the wide-open views, this modern home looks a bit like it’s lost out in the jungle. But the panoramic views of the city all around provide this is really a jungle oasis, a pretty green spot. The innovative, beautiful design will hopefully inspire many more bright green spots in the future.

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Photography by William Sutanto