Contemporary life has been made so convenient by technology that it is actually hard to get enough exercise these days. Unlike our ancestors who had to walk to get from one place to another ? we drive our cars everywhere, take elevators instead of stairs, and hire other people to do our physically intensive house and yard work. Because of this, Americans are getting fatter and fatter, statistically speaking. According to a recent study, nearly two thirds of Americans are now overweight, with 30% considered dangerously obese.

Coming to the rescue is a coffee-table book entitled High Fit Home.

The beautifully illustrated book shows how daily fitness can be integrated into contemporary home design. High Fit Home shows off stunning examples of grand staircases for daily exercise, thoughtful floor plans that encourage walking, and cleverly incorporated climbing walls, indoor pools, or other sporting facilities.

Who knew exercise could look so good?

+ Available for $26.37 from Amazon

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