In a collaboration between the design team at MVRDV and upscale lighting brand Delta Light, a new range of luminaries was on display at the 2022 Milan Design Week. The series called High Profile is a marriage between innovative design, handmade quality and recycled materials. 

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A lamp on a wall, a hanging lamp and two yellow and clear column sculpture

The industrial look comes from a product found in the Delta Light factory: leftover aluminum profiles. With the creative insight from the MVRDV team, those castoff pieces were recycled into wall, ceiling and floor lamps. Saving the scraps from the waste pile was a primary goal for both teams and came with the added benefit of convenience. However, it wasn’t a concession to rely on the aluminum pieces. Instead, the decision delivered a beautiful element that may have never been considered before. 

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A blue lamp over a desk and a blue and yellow partition

The partnership between these two firms seems like a natural fit with Delta Light’s history of collaborating with architects on other designs and its repeat appearance at the Milan Design Week. The company also wanted to ensure a quality, bright and colorful addition to the product lineup. MVRDV is known for this type of design in its architectural projects and those skills proved complementary in the Delta Light work too. 

A pink lamp on the wall, a lamp wall

“The project started with the question of whether we could develop new possibilities with Delta Light’s waste material, instead of inventing a completely new product,” said MVRDV founding partner Jacob van Rijs. “In particular, the stacks of aluminum profiles in various shades of white, silver, black and gold proved to be a source of inspiration. The amazing details of these profiles are usually hidden inside the wall or ceiling; we wanted to make their beauty visible as the main feature of the new design.”

A white lamp on a desk and a lamp standing on the ground

As a result, the cube-shaped pendant light, wall fixture in the shape of an arch and a freestanding model with profiles placed side by side. Although it starts with an industrial material, the look is softened with colors of pink, ochre, light green and light blue, among others. The color profiles are a bold step for Delta Light, who typically sticks with standard white, black and gold assortments.

A pink, blue and yellow sculpture, a yellow sculpture against a white wall

Additionally, the project offers modular aspects for the future through the use of automated design technology that can generate dozens of configurations to consider. From a sustainability standpoint, the project earns points for reusing industrial waste that only needs to be transported from the backroom to the showroom. It is also recyclable at the end of the useful product life. 


Images via MVRDV