In some parts of Zimbabwe, pregnant women are forced to walk 10 kilometers on uneven dirt roads to visit the nearest clinic. Although he lives thousands of miles away from Zimbabwe, Australian high school student Vaibhav Sekhar is working on a solution by developing a solar-powered car that could ferry expectant women to and from hospitals. Sekhar has drawn up plans for a low-maintenance, solar-powered three-seat vehicle that could ease the trip for pregnant women, and he’s earning high marks for his efforts.

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According to Australia’s Yahoo!7 News, Sekhar and his teacher Dr Peter Pudney were contacted by a non-government organization in Zimbabwe asking if they could help design and build a car to help transport pregnant women from their homes to the nearest hospital. In response, Sekhar came up with a rugged, open-air three-seater that looks sort of like an all-terrain vehicle. The car is designed to be low maintenance, preventing the need for costly repairs.

Using an electric two-seater called Trev, Sekhar and Pudney were able to calculate how much energy they’d need to generate to power the car. Now, they’re working on producing their own car. The three-seater is expected to be completed by the end of the year. “This is the best opportunity for me to demonstrate my skills and research more about renewable energy,” Sekhar told Yahoo!7 News.

via Yahoo!7 News and CleanTechnica