Texas and Mexico could soon have an improved connection across the Rio Grande with a new proposed high speed rail line. The line would connect San Antonio, Texas with Monterrey in northern Mexico as a way to reduce travel time between the two large metropolises. The high speed rail line would help improve trade, reduce travel time (and emissions!) and increase tourism to both regions.

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Monterrey, which is known for its thriving business and industry, is surrounded by beautiful countryside and lots of outdoor activities, while San Antonio is also a thriving and busy city. The idea behind the high speed rail line is to improve connections between the two cities and regions. The five hour drive and congested border crossing currently makes it difficult and discouraging to attempt travel between the two regions, but a high speed rail line would cut the journey down to under two hours. Goods could make it across the border faster and a new outlet for tourism could boost the economy.

Representatives from both countries including Rep. Cuellar, who proposed the project, Texas Department of Transportation Commissioner Jeff Austin, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and Mexican officials met recently to discuss the project. The rail line would start on one side in San Antonio, run through Laredo and end in Monterrey. Mexico is gung-ho about the new rail line and already has funds in place to complete the project. They hope to start construction in 2015 and finish as early as 2018. Meanwhile, Texas would need to raise funds, which would probably come from private investors. The benefits of such a large-scale project could reap huge rewards for both economies with the help of new construction, increased trade and tourism and a more sustainable means of transportation. Please vote YES Texas!

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