Rooftop and balcony gardening has seen a great resurgence as of late, but many apartment dwellers lack balconies, rooftop access, or garden space and are unable to indulge in these green trends. Apartment gardeners, take heed! The Green Indoors is a high-tech gardening solution that provides ample light and water to growing plants while making the most of available space by housing plants vertically. Up to 24 specialized plant pots can be connected to the stand to grow any number of vegetables, herbs, or flowers all year long.

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Still in its concept stage, the Green Indoors plant stand was designed by Ingela Viks + Liina-Kai Raivet from Estonia as part of the Designboom/BÜSSEL design competition. The ‘Your Way to Coway’ competition asked designers to imagine the kitchen of tomorrow, and come up with concepts for appliances, multi-use spaces, and gadgets that might be included in future kitchens. We can really picture the Green Indoors as a befitting garden for any city dweller’s apartment – it could provide fresh food all year-round, and would offer the added bonus of bestowing some much needed light on those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter.

We’ve seen other indoor growing lightpots, but they tend to take up precious counter space. The Green Indoors plant stand consists of a flat metal base fitted with a light filled tube with a matte cover to minimize glare. The stand not only provides necessary light, but also automatically waters each plant individually according to its needs. When there is enough natural light, the plant stand shuts off its light, and it also turns off automatically at night. While the Green Indoors is only a concept to date, we hope it blossoms into reality someday soon.

+ Liina-Kai Raivet

Via Re-Nest and designboom