Infinitus Plaza, the global headquarters for Infinitus, China, has recently completed construction on their innovative, environmentally-friendly and high-tech building. With construction led by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), the Infinitus Plaza creates an entrance to the developing Baiyun Central Business District, which was developed on the site of the decommissioned Baiyun Airport. 

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In fact, the building is so central to the area, it actually straddles Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro that provides transport into and out of the region. Incorporating the headquarters into an area of high activity and working around the tunnel meant dividing two separate buildings that are connected on several levels.

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Developers wanted to design a space with a focus on connecting people to each other and to nature in a healthy and adaptive work environment. The eight stories of ring-shaped levels result in an overall design of the infinity symbol. The buildings house herbal medicine research facilities, safety assessment labs and a learning center for conferences and exhibitions. There is also a focus on wellness with a gym and exercise rooms, recreation and relaxation zones and a restaurant and café. There are future plans to add shopping and eating areas. 

Designers specially equipped the buildings to respond to the area’s humid subtropical climate. Outdoor gardens and terraces optimize shading for heat reduction. Ultra-efficient insulation and glazing reduce energy consumption

Technology monitors activity in the building and provides optimal response to fresh air and cooling. The smart management system is powered by solar panels that oversee rainwater collection. It senses when the roof temperature reaches 35°C and automatically cools it with the collected water through an atomized mist.

The rainwater harvesting system is also used to irrigate the terrace gardens and surrounding landscaping. The plants are native with low water requirements. Green roofs comprise nearly half of the total roof area. 

Indoors, the smart management system monitors occupancy and adjusts temperature and oxygen levels with the space, automatically providing fresh air while filtering out pollutants. 

Infinitus Plaza has been designed and constructed to LEED Gold certification standards and the equivalent 3 stars of China’s Green Building Program. This was achieved through efficient systems, but also through passive design elements and the use of recycled materials such as  steel, copper, glass, aluminum alloy profiles, gypsum products and wood.

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Images via Zaha Hadid Architects