The OSP robot is an ingenious solution to something that has devastling effects on wildlife and the environment: oil spills. The faster a spill can be dealt with – the better the outcome. With this in mind, product designer Ji-hoon Kim has come up with a set of modular oil-cleaning robots that can be quickly transported to the scene of an oil spill by helicopter or boat. Once deployed, the little oil-busting robots connect and contain the spill with an inflatable barrier, after which point cleanup teams can come in and manage a less severe disaster.

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Currently a concept design, Kim says the clean up OSP Units are powered using built-in solar panels, and controlled using algorithms. With oil spills having negative effects – even in proportions as low as one part per billion – on the organ function of seabirds and marine animals, and harming estuaries and shoreline ecosystems, any effective solution is fantastic.

Via Yanko Design