We’ve seen wallpaper that monitors your environment and wallpaper that tells a scientific story, but now there’s even wallpaper that cleans the air! That’s right, Blücher Technologies has come up with a “breathable, glass fiber/polyester nonwoven paper-like covering” with absorbents that capture icky toxins like PCB, PCP, pesticides, and radon. The air purifying wallpaper is a smart way to get around “sick building syndrome” if you’re doing a retrofit of a space that was built in an era where “no-VOC” didn’t mean diddly to anyone.

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The key to the wallpaper, which is called Saratech Permasorb is a network of tiny, round black balls that are almost perfectly uniform. These charcoal-like absorbents are small, evenly distributed, and extremely porous, giving them a large internal space to capture and store harmful contaminants. And if you have leftover wallpaper after you’ve covered your walls, you can use the excess to line your shoes and keep bad odors out of them!

+ Blücher Technologies

Via 3Rings