They say that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery….

Some people take IKEA‘s Do-It-Yourself ethos very seriously! By ignoring the retailer’s assembly instructions, designer Kieren Jones and artist Joe Scanlan offer some amusing twists on the Swedish chain’s nearly ubiquitous off-the-shelf designs.

Flat-Pack Rearranged, created by Kieren Jones, scrambles parts from two of IKEA’s best selling designs to create new products: a sled, decorative deer antlers, rifle, and a functional cross bow that shoots IKEA pencils. The collection of DIY manuals provide the user with detailed instruction for repurposing IKEA’s classic Poang chair and Bumerang clothes hangers into the new objects. Jones, a student at the University of Brighton (UK), was selected as one of 15 winners in the British Council’s annual student design competition earlier this year.

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Similarly, if rather morbidly, Joe Scanlan‘s artist book DIY, or How To Kill Yourself Anywhere in the World for Under $399, offers detailed instructions for creating a coffin from standard IKEA parts. The fully illustrated publication can be puchased for $22.00 on his website.

Like a kid jumbling his Lego kits to create more fantastic castles, we love the idea of folks repurposing mass produced objects to suit alternative needs and taste. Let’s hear it for more flat pack hijacking!

Via MoCo Loco and MAKE