This stunning Forms in Nature chandelier transforms any room into a fairytale landscape! Inspired by drawings made by German biologist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel, designers Hilden & Diaz created an intricate bundle of entangled roots, bushes and tree branches that projects a 360-degree forest of shadows when illuminated from within.

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Hilden & Diaz mirrored the forest-like sculpture around its horizontal and central axis to form a full circle around the light source. The mirrorings are thrown onto the wall and create almost Rorschach-like patterns whose shapes feed on ones imagination.

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Besides the shape of the chandelier, light intensity also affects the overall atmosphere—when the light is dimmed the chandelier creates an image of a weak fire burning in the forest. It is left to a person’s imagination to read the over-sized shadows as a forest gently lit by the flickering camp fire, or a terrifying underworld filled with monsters lurking behind the roots and bushes.

+ Hilden & Diaz

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