Hilton Hotels is about to open America’s first green hotel, in Vancouver, Washington. The 226 room hotel was designed to be green in almost every way, and will be the first LEED-certified major hotel in the country. Designed by Portland architecture firm Fletcher Farr Ayott , the hotel was constructed with recycled steel and recyclable brick. The building reduces energy consumption in a variety of ways: automatic sensors turn off lights and heating in unoccupied rooms, employees are encouraged to use public transport, and alternative fueling stations are available for electric cars.

The hotel uses sustainable materials throughout the building and water-efficient landscaping outside. In order to support the community, local vendors were used wherever possible. Finally the hotel has Wi-Fi throughout the building! Considering that there was no WiFi at the last 4 or 5 hotels I’ve stayed in ? in comparison the Vancouver Hilton seems like a giant leap forward for the hotel industry! So where is Vancouver, Washington? (as you non Pacific?Northwesters will ask) It is right across the Columbia river from Portland, Oregon.

Via Portland Business Journal and Oregonlive.com