Reducing drag is one of the most important considerations in designing an efficient vehicle. Thus when seeking to reinterpret the long-range electric vehicle, designer Martin Aubé of Creative Unit conceived of a sleek shell specially shaped for aerodynamic efficiency. The resulting Hinterland 1 is a cylindrically-shaped four person vehicle defined by its iconic flowing lines and ultra-efficient electric engine.

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Aubé designed two models of the Hinterland – a two person “Mini” and a six-seater “Van”. Both models are fully electric, which allows them to reduce the space required by the engine while giving them some serious green cred. The vehicles are intended for city driving, which makes the choice of an electrical motor ideal.

In addition to the vehicles’ efficient electric motors, the Aubé aimed to reducing the Hinterland’s drag as much as possible. Their press release states that at 74mph, “drag accounts for 75% of the car’s energy consumption, with rolling resistance accounting for the remaining 25%”. Granted, this is not a speed that you will be achieving in the city, but every little bit helps. Currently at the conceptual stage, the Hinterland is not scheduled to go into production anytime soon.

+ The Creative Unit

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