Japanese designer Hironobu Yamabe’s “Short by Short” is a provocative and interesting art piece as well as an eye-opening lesson in waste management. Each Short by Short artwork is an unfinished wood frame, where tongue in cheek, the shadow box showcases the wood shavings that resulted from the construction of the frame itself.

Hironobu Yamabe, Short by Short, E&Y design, Edition Horizontal, green design, sustainable materials, Japanese Design, Japanese Designer, Max Lamb

Yamabe asks us to consider the wastefulness of modern design by highlighting the waste itself. But beyond being an idea to think about, the designer also managed to create a piece which puts design and waste in perfect harmony.

Short by Short is part of the E&Y’s Edition Horizontal Multiples Collection, a line which also features pieces made with sustainable materials by Max Lamb, Gen Suzuki and Mihoko Mori.


We often only look at the end product and not the process for its sustainable value. If we begin to understand each piece that goes into designing and producing an item, we can more effectively develop processes that make the best of our resources and mitigate excess waste.

Photos © Edition Horizontal