Hitachi Rail Europe’s Intercity Express Programme will soon begin manufacturing a new generation of eco-friendly trains to haul freight  across the UK. The new Super Express trains will be a combination of all-electric and electric-diesel hybrids that will replace old Intercity model diesel trains. The new trains are not only lighter on the environment; they’re lighter on the tracks as well, which means lower maintenance costs for railways. And the best part? You can ride one.

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“One of the things that our trains will do is they will use less energy per feet than existing trains, because they’re lighter,” said Hitachi Europe spokeswoman Daniela Karthaus. “We will also have more capacity on the trains, so more passengers can travel on them, so that is going to be an environmental benefit.” Construction of the new manufacturing plant will begin next year, with the first Super Express trains rolling out in 2016.

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