Last month, we made our way over to Williamsburg to check out the Brooklyn side of New York Design Week. One of the best things we discovered in Brooklyn was Hivemindesign. Hivemind’s exhibition space was breathtaking, and every single one of their designs was simply stunning. We went crazy over the huge cast steel hanging lights. The entire underside of the dome-shaped light has been hand-strung with bright colored string in a style that’s reminiscent of summer camp arts & crafts but with an intricacy and sophistication no camper could achieve.

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We also loved the Stag Mirror (shown below reflecting those lamps that we can’t get enough of), the Ruka chair and modular lounger, made with powder-coated steel and laminated walnut, and the use of waterjet-cut anodized aluminum as detailing in the Rose Bench.

Hivemindesign doesn’t just make gorgeous furniture. The design duo, Ruby Metzner and Sather Duke design architecture and interiors for restaurants and businesses, as well as providing design consulting.

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