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At the back of the hall there’s a small pagoda and a peaceful “Zen garden”, where a Buddha statue faces outward beside a table and chair where visitors can relax. There is even a small children’s play area with a few toys scattered around to entertain kids while parents peruse the plants. A second large room is open to the elements, leaving a sense of the raw industrial construction it once was.

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The center is a family-run business in the low-key residential neighborhood of Sants. A proud display of photos showcase the building before its renovation, and it certainly has received a lot of love and attention to bring it to the elegant and beautiful state it is now. The Hivernacle team sometimes advertise workshops on a range of topics to do with gardening and food, and also rent the space for concerts. For any Barcelona-based architecture and plant lovers, Hivernacle is a must-see!

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Images via Helen Morgan