We just came upon some news that got us boiling mad – according to the New York Times, H&M and Walmart have been using box cutters and other sharp objects to slash and mutilate their unsold clothing stock (including brand new coats, jackets and shoes) to ribbons before stuffing it into trash bags and kicking it to the curb. If the Manhattan retailers’ wasteful behavior breaks your heart, imagine what it must feel like to hear about it as one of the New York City’s 16,000 homeless people desperately in need of a coat to keep them warm this winter. Why go through all of the trouble to destroy these perfectly wearable clothes when there are tons of people who could use them (literally right in front of the storefronts) and plenty of places that are more than willing to help organize and distribute them? The stores may have a business-oriented reason for this heinous practice but we’re having a lot of trouble swallowing it as an excuse for such senseless waste.