File this under awesome. The world’s first amphibious ice cream truck, named the HMS Flake 99, has just set sail in London and is now puttering around the Thames, serving up tasty treats. The Flake 99, named for an ice cream treat and commissioned by Cadbury to celebrate Britain’s National Ice Cream Week, is now serving boaters in London. Plans are also in the works to possibly tour several vacation beaches or visit Venice.

“Give us a wave!” says the painted side of this classic ice cream truck, which is complete with traditional-style megaphone for blaring jingly music to make your mouth water. We’re not sure this vehicle could handle a lot of turbulence though, especially seeing how low it lies in the water — maybe the Flake 99 should stick to bringing joy to inner city kids and skip the surf for now. Though can you imagine wading out to your favorite ice cream truck at the beach? Like we said: awesome. Thanks, Cadbury.

+ Cadbury Ice Cream Land

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