HOK Architects were just selected from 14 entrants in an international design competition to design the new Ri.MED Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center (BRBC) in Southern Italy.  The $269 million facility will be at the forefront of modern medicine and will focus on moving the research from the lab to the marketplace in order to prevent or cure diseases.

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HOK’s high-quality facility will help BRBC attract talented young researchers and hopefully generate scientific discoveries of global importance. HOK’s design will, according to Bruno Gridelli, vice president of the Ri.MED foundation, “create the ideal work environment for Ri.MED scientists”.

The building will be organized as a small village integrated into the landscape. The main pedestrian street will connect all buildings within the complex and provide breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the surrounding mountains.  Four wings on three floors will house laboratories, separated by floor-to-ceiling glass partitions that enable visual communication among the research teams and provide optimal natural lighting. Conference rooms and other common areas are housed in the central building, with a patient trial clinic in its immediate vicinity.

In order to generate the most cost-effective and environmentally conscious design, the team is using building information modeling (BIM), a process that enables the monitoring of the building’s physical and functional characteristics from the earliest conceptual stages. It is projected that the new BRBC building will earn a minimum of LEED Gold certification from the Green Building Council Italia.

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