Are you a vegan who is bummed out by the huge headless bird corpse taking pride of place on your family’s dining table? Do you spend holidays with relatives who mock or misconstrue your diet? You’re not alone. All over the U.S., vegans are going through the same thing. And Oatly, purveyor of dairy-free milk and ice cream, is there for you.

From November 16 to 24, you can call Oatly’s emotional support hotline for plant-based eaters attending traditional meat and dairy-based dinners. You’ll be greeted by a friendly menu, with choices that include listening to positive affirmations, getting useful stats and non-threatening talking points about how your plant-based diet helps the planet, and hearing “a motivational locker room speech inspired by the 1993 sports classic Rudy, rewritten to be more relevant to your situation and less likely to get us sued for copyright infringement.” You can also choose 30 seconds to vent or even indulge in a primal scream.

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Oatly also offers some tips on deflecting family members who want to harp about your dietary choices. For example, you could try, “Hey, is that smoke coming from the oven?” Or, “So, what does everyone think about crypto?”

Of course, you could try to sway family opinion by bringing a delicious vegan dish to the party. This has the added value of making sure there’s at least one thing you’ll be willing to eat. This Oatly teamed up with Chef Amanda Cohen of NYC’s Dirt Candy to create some festive oat-driven dishes. Wow your family with pumpkin pie oat bars, creamy roasted mushroom gravy or roasted carrots with oatgurt dressing.

Still need that support? On Thanksgiving Day, you can talk to a real person on Oatly’s emotional support line from 3 to 10 p.m. EST. Plant-based experts will answer questions and help talk frustrated vegans off the figurative ledge. Just call (866) OAT-LINE.

Lead image via Oatly