Deciding what to get your parents as a gift can be complicated. As their lifestyle changes, so do the types of gifts they enjoy. Perhaps they’ve retired or simplified their lifestyle as part of the minimalist movement. Maybe they’ve made dietary changes or environmental ones. Whatever the situation, we’ve got some options to consider for every parent on your list. 

A black cover book that reads "Korean Vegan" with a Korean woman's headshot next to it

The Korean Vegan Cookbook

Whether the parents in your life are new to the vegan lifestyle or have embraced it for a long time, it’s always nice to add new flavors to the dinner plate. “The Korean Vegan Cookbook: Reflections and Recipes from Omma’s Kitchen” is a number one seller on Amazon with a nearly perfect five-star rating from buyers. You can get it on Kindle, audiobook form or hardback. From sauces to desserts, there are 336 pages filled with colorful pictures and intriguing recipes

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Pots and pans on a metal stove

Vintage cookware on Etsy

Over the years, home cooks rely on friendly favorites in the kitchen. There’s always the one piece of cookware that stands out for being just the right size, shape, finish or quality. If your parents are mourning the loss of such a piece of vintage cookware, track another one down to replace it. Etsy has an endless list of options from Corning Ware to enamelware and cast iron. Pyrex, Visions, copper pans and casserole dishes are all considerations for food prep.

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Three reusable sponges stacked on top of each other on a cutting board

Eco-friendly washable sponge

Sponges are convenient and versatile, but they’re no good for the planet when they continuously add to the waste problem. Replace disposable sponges in your parent’s home with a washable and reusable option instead. You can order a single pack or a three-pack in four color options. 

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A rounded house with the words Cocoon House for the book cover

Cocoon House book

This book catalogues the development of a LEED-Certified home in New York that is both strikingly unique and an illustration of sustainable architectural design. The Cocoon House received its name from the shape of the curved walls. Whether the parent on your list has a passion for interior design, architecture, sustainable living or solar power, the detailing of the project with the stunning photography is sure to inspire. 

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A velvet green sofa against a cream wall

Furniture covers

There comes a time when scrubbing furniture just isn’t how a parent wants to spend their day. Instead of cleaning it, cover it with these thoughtful and eco-friendly furniture covers. Select from a variety of options to create a fresh new look for the room. Cover My Furniture produces the covers in the U.K. in a building with enough solar panels to power 58 homes for one year. It is conscientious about packaging and believes furniture covers are a solution for keeping furniture out of the landfills. The company will also dispose of your old furniture covers in an environmentally-friendly way. 

A pink striped bag with a straw hat and pink sneakers

SCOUT Bags reusable shopping totes and bags

In today’s world, there’s little need for disposable shopping bags. There are so many sizes, shapes, prints and materials to choose from. SCOUT Bags offer a bag for every occasion and make great gift for anyone. Choose from shopping totes and coolers in a range of sizes. 

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Two compost bins, one is white and one is black, both have bamboo handles

Bamboozle composter

One of the best ways to make use of kitchen scraps is through a backyard compost pile. Blended with small branches, leaves and grass, the mixture turns into a natural and nutrient-rich additive for the garden and also reduces the amount of garbage hauled to the landfill. The Bamboozle composter is thoughtfully designed with a natural bamboo handle and carbon filter to suppress smells and is dishwasher safe. 

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Larry’s Coffee

Not all coffee is created equal. Larry’s Coffee sets the standard for energy-efficiency and rainwater harvesting in the roastery. It features solar water-heated floors, reuses collected rainwater in the restrooms and has earned B-Corp Certification. The coffee is organic, Fair Trade certified and shade-grown, so you can feel good about gifting it to the coffee lover in your life.

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Tree Napper cooling weighted blanket

Mom or dad will enjoy the comforting feel of this weighted blanket. You’ll feel good about the fact that it’s made from natural materials. This blanket offers a cooling feature by wicking away moisture to keep sleepers from overheating and is made from natural eucalyptus fibers that are converted into soft ENCEL Lyocell. TENCEL is 100% biodegradable, so there’s no lasting impact on the planet. 

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A set of toiletries with bottles and sponges

Earth-friendly toiletries

We all use personal hygiene products daily, making it the perfect opportunity to eliminate plastic and other waste from our habits. By Humankind makes it easy with a collection of products focused on effective performance coupled with eco-friendly packaging. Refill pouches from the floss, toothpaste and mouthwash can be composted. As a company, they provide carbon offsets through support of forest management programs. 

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