(Nicki & Kyle)

Yet another item from the IKEA PS line, the Jularp Candelabra takes its cues from the flat-pack mantra that has helped make IKEA what it is today. Similar to some of the high end (and highly elaborate) acrylic versions you may have seen, this simpler form by Ola Whilborg is made from sheet steel, and folds flat for storage. It’s tongue-in-cheek appeal is a great way to let someone know how seriously you take them.

$10 at IKEA


Here’s a great gift for birdwatchers and nature lovers with a sense of humor. Based on hand-sculpted models by Dr. Tsutomu Suzuki of the University of Tokyo, these freestanding faux songbirds, called the Breezy singers, are made even more realistic with modern microchip technology, which produces true-to-life sound and twitching in response to motion and changes in light conditions. The birds? authentic songs come from real recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, whose mission is to conserve the earth?s biodiversity through research, education and science-based focus on birds.

The sing, they move, they look cute, and they are only $18 from DWR.

(Nicki & Kyle)

Ever have an uncle who just LOVES to tease you? Or make you feel dumb? This clever calendar is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys getting to explain exactly what all of their weird possessions do, or how they work. Disguising the numbers within the negative space of the print, the magnetic cursor highlights their identity once it is scrolled to the appropriate location. Available in red or gray.

?20, available from twentytwentyone (UK)
or $49 from GNR8 (US)

$200 and under


The quirkiest old man I ever knew had three ferrets, a pet iguana, a parrot and a giant zen sand garden with an equally large rake. This is high-maintenance quirk. For those who spend a little less time being wacky, there are terrariums, which we’ve mentioned previously – a great way to keep an alternate universe close at hand. The Terradome Terrarium lives in an acrylic dome approximately 20″ in diameter and 12″ high. You can keep anything in here: orchids, herbs or cacti. It’s a mini landscape for the wildly imaginative science geek in all of us.

$108 from DWR

(Nicki & Kyle)

Just what every individualist needs: a lamp which they can adjust to their own aesthetic tastes. Know any staunch non-conformists? The Bendant lamp by Mioculture is the perfect way to indulge their need to do things their own way. By exploiting the best aspects of mass-production, cookie-cutter manufacturing, Mioculture has ingeniously come up with a lamp that is beautiful, customizable, and yes- affordable too!

$165 at Mioculture



For the fashionable outdoor enthusiast in your life, the Ghost Antler Coat Rack is a minimalist, vegetarian version of the traditional antler trophy. And, it doubles as a coat-rack! This is about as elegant as you can get for multi-tasking, imitation deer-head trophy.

$230 from Velocity Art & Design

TALKING DEER – $149.95

If you like the idea of the Ghost Antlers, but are looking for something a little more “interactive”, check out Buck – the animated Karaoke-singing wall trophy. This is definitely one of the silliest things I have ever seen, but I know there are a lot of you out there who bought Big Mouth Billy Bass (made by the same company) – so I know there is a market for this. Not only is there the karaoke / entertainment aspect for parties, but you have to admit, “Buck” is pretty cute. And at least no animals were harmed in the process!

$149.95 from TalkingDeer.com